November 9, 2009 § 2 Comments

Finnden Smile
Finnden learned to laugh the other day. It was the day he marked fifteen weeks of life. It’s fascinating, really.

Perhaps what is more fascinating is the inability to laugh. How is it possible that we spend our first few weeks without laughter?

I’ve always been mesmerized by laughter. What causes it…really? What makes it impossible to resist? What makes funny so funny? How is it that we can control so much about how we feel and how we respond to situations, but we find it nearly impossible to control laughter? If we’ve learned control it, have we missed the essence of it?

Laughter is magical in its innocence. Beautiful. Automatic. Uncontrolled. And its all the more extraordinary when its emitted from your son for the first time.


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§ 2 Responses to Laughter

  • Amy says:

    Beautiful! When I watched that video last week, it reminded me of the first time our oldest laughed…we JUST had the camera on too… My hubby then showed it that Sunday morning to the entire church…such joy! Enjoy each stage…parenting is awesome!

  • nick benoit says:

    so hows life for a fellow benoit

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